In a Holding Pattern

A quick update on the box.  I called my mother and the box has arrived.  So I’m waiting for the box to arrive from my mother’s.  Should be here by week’s end.  More to follow.


Whats in it?

So recently I was picked as the ‘winner’ of this box.

my box 

(Photo Credit:  @Beschizza

What is in it?  I’m not too sure.  The description said CES swag.  So I poked around and saw some neat stuff from this past year.  But what are the actual contents?  I have no idea.

So instead of just sending in a list or video of whats in the box, theres this tumblr.  So I’ll post such things on here. A hearty thanks to the good people of BoingBoing and the guy who collected the swag.

I’m just waiting for the post to arrive now.